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Pumb™ 5in1 Ratchet Wrench

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  • Ratchet function to save labor & time

  • Dual design Multi-purpose wrench
  • Adjustable length & angle

  • Easily reach fasteners in narrow Spaces

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"Greatest wrench I have ever owned!
I needed a crescent wrench to remove collar nuts below our bathroom sink. The collar nut was of descent size.
I tried all sort of tools, but with no success, due to space constraints.
I saw this wrench in internet, its flexibility looked too good to be true. I was able to remove all the collar nuts with this wrench! I flexed the wrench short of 90 degrees and also used the ratchet function, keeping length at 8". Worked fantastic! "
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Loyd Linfoot. 


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Innovative Ratchet Design

This flexible wrench has a special ratchet design, that allows you to quickly operate nuts and bolts.

The ratchet switch allows the wrench to be used as a ratchet wrench or as a traditional wrench.

Unique Cantilever Design

You can rotate the wrench head 180 degrees to access hard-to-reach fasteners, making it easy to use in small spaces.

Gain access to difficult fastenings, eliminate the need to pull out the wrench in every turn.

More Reasons to Get
Pumb Wrench

Telescopic Design
Freely Expand the length up to 10in, You have the control!
Dual Function
Switch as you like between the Normal wrench mode and the Pipe wrench Mode
Flexibility & Precision
Precision screw with Flexible Movement and smooth rotation to easily improve work efficiency

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