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    Adjustable Punching SawAdjustable Punching Saw

    Adjustable Punching Saw

    • One Saw for many Diameters

    • Safe & Simple to operate

    • High cutting efficiency on all types of wood

    Make The Job Faster & Efficient 

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    "I really wish I had one of these long ago when I Had lots of problems in the past where I need a hole cutter for weird sizes. I used these for cutting some downlight holes and plasterboard, and it worked very well!

    Attached are the setup and adjustment instructions, Allen keys supplied. It was nice and easy to set the required hole size. "

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    Easy To Attach
    Suitable for All Wood Paneling
    Multi Applications

    Less Efforts, Better Results!

    Cutting Wood Panels using traditional methods like Hand saw or Drilling can be a pain slow and dangerous leaving cuts all over your hands and rough jagged edges.

    Our Adjustable Punching Saw is Simple & easy to operate and can be a lot more effective than ordinary tools.

    The three triple tooth blades saw through plasterboard and softwood boards with ease, and ensure fine and clean cuts with their special, straight-set toothing.

    Various Adjustable Diameters

    No need to buy a new tools for different diameters. 
    Pumb™ Adjustable Punching Saw lets you make all holes from 45 to 130 mm.

    You only need one product for many diameters!
    fits easily and quickly into any electric or battery drill, it’s portable and simple to use on different types of wood.

    An Effective Hole Saw Compatible with any Power drill

    Pumb™ Adjustable Punching Saw is widely used in woodworking opening, spotlight opening, plastic plate opening, DIY speaker opening, etc, but not for glass and metal.

    Its powerful cutting capabilities and precise maneuverability perfectly Saw through wood. 

    Triple blade design, straight round effect, smooth cut, and burr-free.

    The large drill disc protects the work area. Sufficiently large openings reliably remove the dust during rotation and stop it getting stuck in the drill body. This ensures the function of the positioning mechanism in the long term despite the formation of large quantities of dust. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What kind of drill do you need to run the tool?

    It can be used with standard electric drills, cordless drills and pneumatic drills.
    Can I use a the saw on plastic?
    Yes, it will run a little slower, but it will still give you a perfect, clean cut with no burr. This is ideal for small jobs

    Where do you ship the product?
    We currently ship to these countries: United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Unites Kingdom.

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